Heal your Heart

The pain of a relationship ending can limit your happiness in all aspects of your life. Divorce and or Separation can leave you feeling miserable, angry and lonely.


Left unresolved, these destructive feelings prevent you from moving into a new healthy and loving relationship and will often destroy the potential of new relationships.​


Your self esteem and confidence take a battering through these times of heartache and you may also feel devastated  and guilty with your loss. There is a grieving process that occurs and is part of your healing, though for many the hurtful and powerfull emotions left behind can prevent a full resolution.


The result leaves you deeply unhappy, feeling unworthy and resentful.

If this sounds like you, ask yourself

  • Are you feeling Stuck?
  • Do you repeat the same patterns and behaviours in your relationships?
  •  Are you tired of relationships that don't last?
  • Is it difficult to find a relationship?

Our Program can help in these areas!​

Hypnotherapy is a very gentle way to start your healing journey out of heartbreak


Are you grieving inconsolably over the end of a relationship?


Does it feel like your heartbreak will never mend?


Love has a strange and awesome power over us. When we feel a deep and powerful connection to another person, it can transform our lives.


Being in love casts a sort of golden glow over everything, making even the most mundane things seem sublime, and making our troubles trivial.


But when love ends, as it sometimes does, or we experience the loss of the one we love, the heart that carried that love can break in two.


Why it feels so difficult to mend a broken heart


Of course, hearts don't physically break, but there is no doubt that the emotional pain you experience when a relationship ends manifests all too physically in the heart area.


It doesn't matter whether you've been rejected, or bereaved, or divorced. It might just as well be actually broken.And the agony can be all consuming, taking up all your energy, all your thoughts, all your time, leaving no space for anything else in your life.


It's common for people going through this experience to find themselves thinking obsessively about the one they have lost.


They imagine seeing them at every corner - and of course, in many cases, they actually do have to deal with encountering that person again, which presents a whole new set of problems. What do you say to them? How do you act?I

Is Time the only healer that can mend a broken heart?


Everyone who is grieving (which is what having a broken heart means) needs time to come to terms with what has happened. It's not a process that you can hurry, or that 'should' be completed in any fixed period of time.


Nonetheless, there are things you can do to help yourself begin to heal. You might find it helpful, for instance, to set aside specific times for letting yourself grieve, rather than letting it swamp your whole life.


And you can use Hypnotherapy's powerful approach to help you

  • experience periods of really deep rest (grief is exhausting)
  • enjoy a gradual soothing of the emotional pain
  • begin to reconnect with yourself as a separate individual
  • appreciate everything you have learned and gained from the relationship
  • start to gently contemplate new possibilities for your future
  • feel a rising sense of hope and optimism