Life Changes...

when you change your Thoughts

A comprehensive 6 Week Program which will provide you with immediate and lasting results that speak for itself.


The Life Changes Program is the foundation for all programes facilitated by Mitchell V, with the exception of quitting to smoke, and is designed to release and resolve underlying patterns, thoughts and beliefs which are the cause of your unwanted habits and feelings.
Who is this program for?

•    If you are looking for wholeness and confidence to change your life.
•    A Calm and Positive perspective
•    To change outdated and unwanted habits and beliefs
•    To deal with anger, grief, unhappiness, jealousy, guilt, etc.
•    Resolve past and present issues.
•    To Fully Enjoy Life

By Changing nothing, Nothing changes !

Awaken to the realisation that you are constantly creating your own reality and future with your thoughts and emotions alone and taking full responsibility for the fact that the quality of your life depends on the quality of your mindset is the most life changing lesson you could ever learn. What you produce on the inside, will eventually manifest on the outside.​


To change your life you must change your mind... CHANGE YOUR MIND BY CHANGING YOUR THOUGHTS. The body follows where the mind goes. What we think, say and do today is where our future will take us. Learn to be the master of your mind and body by letting go of outdated and limiting beliefs through our Life Changes Program and the power of self hypnosis.​

Taking back control


Subconscious thoughts can be detrimental to your success and manifesting your desired future. This is where most of your critical and self sabotaging thoughts arise. Thoughts that lie dormant from when you were a child, memories whether good or bad, negative experiences that have created these thoughts do not help you with your potential and they definitely do not heal you feeling lost, unhappy and not worthy. 


Your mind is a wonderful, powerful organ, but you must take control and understand that it reaps exactly what you plant, and can work for you or against you. 

All of this can be changed.The single fact that you are a human with a beating heart gives you the power to become the person you want to be. All by changing your mindset.

This program can help you create the best version of yourself