Power your Mind to


Mitchell's Stress Management Program is not a one size fits all approach. The program varies in the amount of consultations required.


It is so important for your overall health to learn to manage stress effectively, in order to support the healthy functioning of your physical body and your emotional life. Hypnotherapy can help you develop skills to address issues that you need to improve in your life, in a gentle but powerful way.​


If you feel overwhelmed by life’s demands, find you are short tempered and over react to people or events, or just feel like you are in a state of tension all the time, then you could be suffering from Stress. Ongoing stress depletes the body’s systems, and over a period of time could become a contributing factor in disease processing.​

Natural Drug Free Approach to Mind Body and Spirit


Hypnotherapy offers a drug free, effective method of reducing stress levels, enabling your body to be reacquainted with its natural state of calm and ease.


The healthy balance of a calm mind and body will help you go through your daily life more happily and effectively, with renewed energy and a deep sense of wellbeing.