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Weight off your Mind

Our Weight Management Program 

addresses Comfort Eating, Overeating, Binging and Cravings within all the Consultations.

How we can Help You


Our hypnotherapy for weight loss sessions have been highly successful in helping clients battling weight loss issues.


We use the revolutionary new weight loss system – the Virtual Gastric Band, which works just like the real gastric band, but without the surgery, scars and terrible hospital food!


By using our weight loss hypnotherapy and looking at the full picture of issues that lie behind your weight issues, we believe we can help you to make significant permanent changes to heal your relationship with food. 

What is Gastric Band Hypnotherapy


Gastric Band is a surgical procedure whereby a band is fitted to the stomach to reduce its size, thereby reducing the intake of food. The patient then eats less and feels fuller sooner. This band may be adjusted allowing either more or less food intake.
Would you like to have all the benefits of a Gastric Band without any of the risks involved with the major surgery, nor the huge financial burden? People are choosing Gastric Band Hypnosis which is natural and safe compared to the surgical Gastric Band.


Our unique Gastric Band Hypnosis system also addresses your lifestyle, eating habits and the causes of your overeating, raising the probability of long term success and a healthy body and self-esteem.

What is a Gastric Band?

Watch this video where Lorraine Kelly and Dr. Hilary Jones interview two people who had gastric band hypnosis. (Please note: 1 stone = 6.35Kg)

Gastric Band Hypnosis uses Hypnosis to retrain your mind and convince your mind that you have had a Gastric Band fitted. This can lead you to feeling full much quicker and stop you from over eating just like a Surgical Gastric Band would.
If you are really committed to losing weight then Gastric Band Hypnosis could help you to achieve your goals. Gastric Band Hypnosis is safe, risk free and cost effective. 
Gastric Band Hypnosis is: 

Non Surgical and Safe, producing immediate and long lasting results.

A Virtual Experience complete with Operating Theatre sounds and smells.

Most Effective when combined with Hypnoslimmers Weight Management Program.

Gastric Band Hypnosis

Yes, the simple physiological reason we put on weight is because we eat too much of the wrong things.


But you can be sure that if you’re struggling and failing to control your weight on an ongoing basis, the reason has nothing to do with physiology and everything to do with the mind. And that’s why our hypnotherapy sessions are so effective at helping you to achieve the outcome you want.


For many people, food is the ‘drug’ they choose to fight an internal battle – one which involves subconscious issues arising from a past event or experience. Eating can be an emotional bolt-hole, a place of comfort where some of us choose to hide from something we find emotionally too hard to deal with head-on.


We have all sorts of names and labels for this – comfort eating, emotional eating among them – but in the end people who want to lose weight but find it difficult to stop overeating are usually subconsciously compensating for something else. Hypnotherapy can help you to identify what that something else is and then deal with it permanently. 


Once Upon a Time...

Our relationship with food naturally starts when we are children. Once we get beyond the automatic reflex of accepting food as necessary fuel and we begin to make choices about the foods we do and don’t like, we are exposed to all manner of messages and instructions about the food choices we make.


And the older we are, the less nutritionally-informed those messages and instructions are likely to have been – how many of us, for example, were told we had to finish everything on our plate before we were allowed to leave the table or have dessert? 


Still more, were told we needed to eat so that we could grow up to be big and strong. Others had a parent who was continually on a diet or a friend or family member who made jibes about their weight.


The Weight Management Program consists of 6 Consultations

(depending on the extent of issues and amount of weight loss).The first three consultations are the fundamental clearing and releasing sessions with focus on eating behaviours and excercise motivation. Consultation Four continues resolving any issues that may surface, and reinforce the positive suggestions.
During the consultations, positive suggestions are also integrated with all areas of the mind and body to acknowledge feeling hungry and also feeling full. By acknowledging these important signals from the body and mind. You can eat to fulfill your body’s requirements at the same time and stop before eating too much. Eating only when you are genuinely hungry. 

Overcome Comfort or Emotional Eating

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  • Freedom from thinking about food all the time
  • Learn to eat the optimum amount of food that is right for yiou
  • No calorie counting, Low Carbs or Low Fat
  • Feel happy about the way you look
  • Powerful motivation to exercise
  • No need to diet anymore
  • Overcome cravings
  • Experience The Unique Gastric Band Hypnosis

Hypnoslimmer Silver

4 Week  Program

60 Min Duration each

2 Consultations      Week 1

1 Consultation        Week 2

1 Consultation        Week 3

1 Consultation        Week 4

R 3500.00

Incudes FREE:

New Beginnings        Mp3 Audio File

Total Cost

Hypnoslimmer Gold

8 Week  Program

60 Min Duration each

2 Consultations      Week 1

1 Consultation        Week 2

1 Consultation        Week 3

1 Consultation        Week 4

1 Consultation        Week 5

1 Consultation        Week 6

1 Consultation        Week 7

1 Gastric Band       Week 8

R 4000.00

Total Cost

Incudes FREE:

New Beginnings        Mp3 Audio File